HUION H950P Graphics Tablet 5080 Ipi

HUION H950P Graphics Tablet 5080 Ipi

Unleash your creativity.

Inspiroy H950P

Comfortable size for your work.

You will find pen tablet H950P with 8.7×5.4inch workspace facilitate your work in every way.

8mm ultra-slim tablet.

8mm in thickness and application of full lamination crafts make the tablet more easy-to-carry. Battery free electromagnetic resonance technology enables users to create at anytime and anywhere.

Bring your ideas
alive on the tablet.

Vivid rendering of each stroke input.

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity enables imitation of strokes input with various levels of pressure, realizing vivid rendering of lines in different shapes.

Constant lines
without lagging.

Application of the high-speed trajectory sensing technology possesses the tablet >220PPS report rate, which ensures quick response to any movement of the pen.

Accurate pen resolution.

10mm sensing height, ±0.3mm accuracy and 5080LPI pen resolution work together to secure delicate presentation of every single pixel contained in lines input with the digital pen.

Strokes of various shapes.

Add shading to your works can be realized on software with tilt function, as ±60° tilt support is available on H950P.

Moment the
inspiration hits.

Get inspired as you grip the pen.

16g battery-free digital pen PW100 made with durable silicone on the grip and buttons preventing unintended press will further improve your work efficiency. Pen holder PH03 with a nib extractor is created for pen placement and nib replacement.

Program your way of high efficiency.

Individualize your tablet with express keys available on the panel, which are programmable. Shortcut function of these keys can be deactivated with the switch on the side.

Operation on Android now is supported.

Apart from computers running on Windows and macOS, Android devices including phones and tablets now are also supported to be used with H950P,which will further facilitate your works on mainstream drawing and designing software of various kinds.

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