3D VR BOX Virtual Reality Remote Control

Σε Απόθεμα 3D VR BOX Virtual Reality Remote Control

Wireless Bluetooth remote control designed for Virtual Reality set for smartphones. Allows even more comfortable handling applications. Pilot is powered on two AA batteries. The remote control allows you to operate the menu, sound management and can also be used as a gamepad thanks to the mini-joystick. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS systems - switching between systems is possible thanks to the built-in button. The remote is easy to use - thanks to the streamlined design fits comfortably in your hand and makes use of the Virtual Reality set is even more intuitive. Bluetooth: 3.0. Dimensions (mm): 118 x 33 x 42 Compatibility: Android/iOS/PC Power: two 7th batteries of R03 1.5 v Working current: 0,5-8 mA Stadby current: 0,5-1 mA Continuous Game Time: about 40-120 hours Colour: White

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